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a satire by Andrej Togni

Power outage in tango heaven. Suddenly everyone is gone and Maxx is left alone. Without the tango bubble he feels completely naked. His sister Gitte convinces him to seek professional help in order to go from tangoholic to social being again in thirty days.

After a nerve-wracking odyssey through the therapeutic jungle of Berlin, he ends up with Pitigrilli, the popular coach for paradoxical interventions. Now he is no longer allowed to dance tango, he has to dance tango, basically around the clock. Maxx falls in love with a woman who has only one major flaw: she doesn't dance the tango. He quickly reaches his limits when it comes to small talk and flirting - he doesn't even know how to do it anymore. A race against time begins.

Sometimes sensual, sometimes malicious, sometimes matter-of-fact - seven players/dancers show mercilessly what it's like in the tango world, to the delight of everyone (even those who don't dance tango).

After the successful debut "tangomaxx, a satirical trip through the nine circles of tango hell", the second film follows.
Participating artists
Andrej Togni (Regie)
Andrej Togni (Autor/in)
Claude Mannewitz
Daniela Feilcke-Wolf
Harald Diesner
Philippa Gramss
Susanne Langer
Wolfram Spaete
Yvonne Emig