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Solo for one - Musical Comedy

Over 90 years and not a bit quiet... Irmgard Knef, old president of the German cabaret chanson presents once again with unbroken fighting spirit new stories, new chansons and well-known songs, which you have never heard before. Grateful to still have guts in her bones instead of honey in her head, the funny - bizarre entertainer offers the old age the forehead and the audience entertaining entertainment.

Robert Recker
Robert Recker © Robert Recker

This woman does not let herself be spat into the soup - especially not when you have to give up the spoon soon anyway. The hopeless optimist lets the corks pop on the late evening of her life - a satirical ode to the vitality of an indestructible Berlin woman and, as always, a stylistic-musical homage, or "Oma"-ge to the sister with the big name. Black-humorous and brash, equipped with bonmots and puns, up to an upscale joke, she always shoots from the somewhat stiff but still real hip. Cabaret prognoses for the future, stock-taking of the present in terms of politics and career are just as much a part of her work as humorous coming to terms with the past when it comes to men, true to the motto "Better to stir in your long drink and think about past affairs than to fish in the mud and find a catch in every situation".

As always, the singing and acting Berlin-by-choice Ulrich Michael Heissig is responsible for the plausible presentation in word, picture and sound of the invented knefged-blood relative Irmgard Knef.

(Program in German)
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