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So young, so successful. The YOUNG NKO ORCHESTRA is on tour: Sold-out halls. Thunderous applause. But while the euphoric fans stream out of the concert hall, the ensemble drags itself back to the hotel, exhausted and dissatisfied. But is this even the right hotel and was the elevator there this morning? The rooms were at ground level, after all.

No matter, because two beautiful, mysterious figures invite the musicians to track down happiness, which has probably been lost somewhere between Wanne-Eickel, Abu-Dhabi, London and Neukölln. But as usual, the cello searches where the piccolo would never look, and not everyone seems equally gifted to see, accept or even keep happiness.

In the increasingly escalating dispute, the only hope left is for a so-called happy ending - but what is that, really? Happy, lucky, happy, or just "not unhappy"?
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DIRECTOR Bjørn de Wildt MUSICAL DIRECTION / REHEARSAL Yuval Halpern PRODUCTION Kamil Ahmad, Lena Wetzel COSTUME Federica Fugazzi SCRIPT Vera Schindler DRAMATURGY Änne-Marthe Kühn LIGHTING DESIGN / ILLUMINATION Christian Maith