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A surprise wedding comedy

The long-term partners in the "Ehekracher" team, Wilma and Willi, have mastered a proud twenty-five years of their relationship and now intend to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary in style. But the question arises: is the anniversary really cause for celebration?

The preparations for the festivities have been made, the guests have been invited, and both Wilma and Willi have come up with special features to shape the festivities. However, their retrospective view of their shared history could hardly be more contradictory.

Full of vigor and with a generous pinch of comedy, Willi and Wilma fall back on the rich treasure trove of their conflict-loving tendencies. They give it their all one last time and outdo each other with provocative acts, but in the end reconciliation triumphs.
Additional information
Participating artists
Johannes Galli (Autor/in)
Marion Martinez (Wilma)
Rainer Eckhardt (Willi)