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Book presentation

For as long as Jackie Kohnstamm can remember, the fate of her Jewish grandparents Max and Mally Rychwalski has lain like a shadow over her family, even if the details remain unspoken. When Jackie, following a spontaneous inspiration, searches the Internet for her grandparents in London, she comes across the news that only a few days earlier, stumbling blocks had been laid for them in Berlin.

For Jackie, this marks the beginning of a journey into the past and a harrowing search for clues, which she records in her book "Every Stone Tells of a Life".

In an interview with presenter Sigrid Brinkmann (Deutschlandradio), she talks about this search for clues and about how the shadows of the past are transformed into comforting memories and inner reconciliation.

Presentation of the book by Jackie Kohnstamm, published by Limes Verlag, with the author.

(Program in German)
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