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Series biegungen im ausland

The Duo Nabelóse repurposes traditional folk music from their native countries – Austria and Greece, respectively. The tone is solemn; a rosy hue spots the ghostlike pallor of its improvised dirges.

Frigid, funerary, dank, Nabelóse trails kelp and lichen, weaving elements of earth and water, blanched for winter cellars. Whispered moans cloud with every breath, soaked with loamy snow. While the French horn bleats in fallow fields, the piano plinks or bows in dull quivers. Ingrid Schmoliner and Elena Kakaliagou make pastoral music dusted with cold ash from old fires, tickled beneath the chin with woolen blankets. (Todd B. Gruel)

Isabelle Duthoit and Biliana Voutchkova formed their duo in 2023, working extensively in Paris during Biliana Voutchkova's six months long residency. Both performers are skilled instrumentalists with developed, highly individual vocabulary including their voice. The duo enjoys the rich potential of this collaboration, planning the release of a debut album.
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Biliana Voutchkova – violin, voice

Isabelle Duthoit – clarinet, voice


Elena Kakaliagou – french horn, vocals

Ingrid Schmoliner – prepared piano, voice

Supported by Berlin Senate Departement for Culture and Community.

Presented by Digital in Berlin.