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Corinna Harfouch looking for fun

On average, people in Germany laugh for six minutes a day. Probably a little less in the last few months. But today they are challenged: the 80 facial muscles that they use when they laugh.

Because the audience hears old, new and future classics of comic literature from Corinna Harfouch: laconic things from Eva Menasse (My father was a sudden birth), bizarre things from Sven Regener (Frank, is that you? You sound so funny). And they find answers to questions like these: What happens when you laugh? Can you learn humor? Why are laughing gods an abomination to Plato? Is Freud correct when he describes laughing at jokes as a way of venting the instincts of sexually frustrated men? Does Mario Barth know this? Is laughter an evolutionary achievement? If so, what does that mean for gender relations? What does the “obnoxious laugh of the old cocotte” look like that facial expression research in the 1920s distinguished as one of five types of laughter?

Language: German

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