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Under the title "Dreams", the Berlin Cappella presents a cappella works by Nordic composers, mainly from Finland and Sweden, which are mostly unknown in Germany and mostly describe dreamlike or dreamlike scenes or dreamy descriptions of nature.

All pieces are heard twice: once in the original text and once in the German translation. Repeated listening allows a deeper impression of the works, as the musical experience is in the foreground when the original text is heard, while the German translation conveys the content more strongly.

Works by Hugo Alfvén, Elfrida Andrée, Niels W. Gade, Edvard Grieg, Leevi Madetoja, Aarre Merikanto, Jean Sibelius, Evert Taube, David Wikander and others.

Direction: Sergi Gili Solé

Admission: €18, concessions €15
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