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Art Dinner & Installation by and with the ArtPerformance Collective - The Dreamscapers

Fantastic! The table is set - the audience can become part of a dreamlike installation by simply having dinner with the artists, the idea "Dreamscape". It will be surprising, delicious, strange and extremely inspiring to delve into the dream of the Dreamscapers.

The Artist Dinner “Dreamscape” is an event where guests are invited to become part of a surreal experience. As soon as you enter the room, the dream begins.

Dinner guests will immerse themselves in a world of fantasy as they experience the Dreamscape Trilogy. This consists of three performative film projections that build on each other. Dance, music, poetry and visual art come together, everything mixes together, nothing makes sense and you just want to stay, you want to wonder like a dream, stay in the dream again and again.

During the artists' dinner, the guests will not only be spectators, but also part of the fourth unreal event. You are passively and actively involved in the action and thus have the opportunity to actively shape the story.

They promise absolute entertainment and the blossoming of the imagination. The dinner environment is invitingly surreal and the tables are artfully decorated. Everything together creates a wonderfully surreal ambience for an unforgettable experience between reality and dream.

The dinner menu is at least as extraordinary as the event itself. The palate is sensationally pampered from bitter to sweet, from fruity to creamy and from crunchy to slimy. It will taste fantastically delicious, it will look extraordinary and the combinations will be hard to believe. They don't have to, it's all just a dream.

Language: German/English/Spanish

Location: DOCK 11, Room 4

presented by DOCK 11 digital
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By and with: ArtPerformance Collective - The Dreamscapers: Nadja Haas, Brigitte Breternitz, David Mariano, Rolando Lafayer

Supported by DOCK 11 digital