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In a village, something inexplicable has been held captive in a tower for generations. But who or what is this mysterious being? One day a devastating fire breaks out and the village is reduced to ashes. The tower collapses and the "beast" can finally free itself.

A hunt begins to recapture the escaped creature. The audience becomes part of this hunting party, together with the actors. But strange things happen: a mysterious sorcery unleashes a plague of rabbits, the villagers suddenly develop long animal tails, and a powerful earthquake shakes the land.

Everything seems to have gotten out of joint, and despite all attempts to understand the connections and get your own world under control again, you fail again and again. What is behind this secret?

One me, two states, countless possibilities... DREAMER!
Additional information
Admission: 21:15 at the main entrance Clumbiadamm
Duration: 110 minutes

DREAMER also takes place in light rain, except for severe weather warnings and storms.


Paved paths are not always used. Unfortunately, this means that the production can only be experienced as barrier-free to a limited extent.