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Wandabwicklung 1:2 - Angela Lubič

Mehrzweckhalle is the name of a project space since 2003, in Berlin at changing locations. At the moment it is small, but very high. For the project series, which will last over 3 years, I am inviting a total of 9 artist colleagues to develop a spatial drawing for the Mehrzweckhalle. The 10th work will be by myself.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: ZEICHENRAUM III – eine Zeichnung entsteht
© Angela Lubič

In the autumn of 2021, Monika Bartholomé from Cologne was a guest and drew on all the walls and floor of the room. In 2022, Jolanta Wagner from Warsaw occupied the space with her drawings. I follow the artists' on-site work with the video camera.

Angela Lubič analyses the space and works on its particular conditions. She uses materials such as PVC, paper, polystyrene or fibreboard and adhesive tape in such a way that they combine with what is there and the space itself becomes part of the work. In the exhibition Wandabwicklung 1:2, the 4 walls of the multi-purpose hall are hung in the space on a scale of 1:2, stretched, glued, laid, curved, pushed into each other, the spatial lines and shapes visually enlarged, reduced, divided, multiplied and rearranged with coloured tapes. A dialogue develops between the found architecture and the drawing.

A large final exhibition is planned with all 10 positions as well as a film about the different ways of dealing with the medium of drawing, in which women are particularly present and innovative.