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Six years after a murder in a completely closed room, a search of the apartment reveals that everything may have been very different. Mark's students are amazed when they take the house apart....

Dr. Mark Benecke
Dr. Mark Benecke © Oetinger

Criminal biologist DR. MARK BENECKE devotes himself in a bizarre to sometimes disgusting way to exciting questions that one would sometimes rather not have answered: Why, for example, are the fingernails of the bloated male corpse so long and what kind of maggot crawls out of the corner of its mouth at the same time? Thus, it is not death that is BENECKES job, but life after death. If the maggots expose the killer, he has done everything right....

A shocking and fascinating world. BENECKES analysis of various insects found on corpses has already put a stop to countless criminals worldwide. However, the viewer's stomach can easily turn when looking at some of the photos. Because not the usual pictures are shown, but photographs of strongly disfigured corpses. Only detailed close-ups can clarify the really interesting questions.

The Cologne-based criminal biologist was trained by the FBI and operates internationally. BENECKE has set up special laboratories in Colombia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Numerous radio and TV appearances testify to the great public interest in his work. Here the viewer now gets a glimpse into the work of one of the world's best-known and most successful criminal biologists...

(Program in German)

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