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Dougie Poole is part of this new generation of country singers who are blending old music with new means. The musician from Brooklyn's indie underground blurs the lines between genres and generations. His third solo album "The Rainbow Wheel Of Death", released in February, goes far beyond the boundaries of the genre and combines classic instrumentation with new sounds and unexpected structures

Classic in spirit, with songs that accommodate everything from old-school synthesizers to contemporary storytelling, the new album draws on clean songwriting, Poole's golden baritones and the organic sound of a live band. With the new record, the New Yorker breathes new life into his style by retaining his basic musical elements - drum machine, acoustic guitars, synthesizer and his deep voice - while at the same time creating a tonal rainbow with his band.

The title "The Rainbow Wheel Of Death" is a reference to the colorful pinwheel that spun on the screen when a computer application stalled - a sight Poole recognized from his days as a freelance computer programmer and used to symbolize the stagnation of a computer most of society stuck in an uncertain world. This basic feeling runs through the songs. Poole's range of topics has become more universal. It's about mortality, love and the passing of time.

Dougie Poole is coming to Berlin in the fall.

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