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Literature festival from Romania and Moldova

Ricarda Ciontos is curating a week-long festival for the Literaturhaus Berlin that brings together authors and artists from Romania and Moldova. In addition to three music and two film evenings, performances and an exhibition, global issues will be examined and discussed, primarily through contemporary Romanian and Moldovan literature.

More than thirty years after the end of communist rule, Romania and the Republic of Moldova remain in constant change. Both countries are trying to shake off the shadows of dictatorship and poverty of the past decades. But turbo-capitalism is leaving new scars, and many people are leaving their homes in search of work and a better life.

As the center of the European continent, Romania and the Republic of Moldova represent numerous transformation societies and reflect current global issues such as migration, flight, identity, belonging, homeland and racism, especially against the background of a changing capitalist and ecological system.

Does it make sense to look back and what does it reveal? The rich cultural diversity of Romania and the Republic of Moldova enables an intensive examination of these topics. Various minorities, such as the German, Hungarian and Roma populations, have created a multicultural and multiethnic breeding ground that has produced outstanding artistic works and talented authors.

21 authors | 3 music evenings | 3 performances | 2 film evenings | 1 exhibition

With Sabin Tambrea, Gabriela Adameșteanu, Tatiana Țîbuleac, Alexandru Bulucz, Mihai Radu, Ema Stere, Carmen-Francesca Banciu, Gianina Cărbunariu, Theodora Herghelegiu, Adrian Schiop, Radu Pavel Gheo, Valeriu Nicolae, Andreea Răsuceanu, Anastasia Gavrilovici, Iris Wolff, Radu Găvan, Catalin Dorian Florescu, Moni Stănilă, Augustin Cupșa, Tudor Ganea, Miruna Vlada, Mihaela Drăgan, and many more.

Readings, performances, film and discussions with, among others, Sabin Țambrea, Gabriela Adameșteanu, Tatiana Țîbuleac, Gianina Cărbunariu, Adrian Schiop, Alina Serban, and many more.

Music with Oana Catalina Chitu & Dejan Jovanovic, Ensemble Dinu Lipatti Berlin, Kali Mihaela & Nicoleta Ghiță

Exhibition “Away / Plecat” with photographs of migrant workers by Cosmin Bumbuţ & Elena Stancu

The films will be shown in Babylon Mitte.

February 26th to March 2nd, 2024 in the Literaturhaus Berlin and Babylon


  • Origin & Migration Mon, 26. 02.24
  • Resources & Identity Tue, 27. 02.24
  • Films from Romania & Moldova Wed, 28. 02.24
  • Fresh Voices: Short Films Films from Romania & Moldova Thu, 02/29/24
  • Privileges & new homes Fri, 03/01/24
  • Empowerment Sat, 03/02/24
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