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A spot, a microphone and a man in a bathrobe - that's all you need for a great evening! During his first big and completely sold-out solo tour in 2019, the award-winning TV cult figure Dittsche not only regularly tore the audience off their seats in his live shows, but was also immediately awarded the "LEA - Live Entertainment Award".

No wonder that the second tour in spring 2022 was also a huge success. In a currently difficult time, his counter philosophy is needed more than ever - so it's high time for a sequel!

In the WDR cult series of the same name, Olli Dittrich has played his way into the hearts of the nation every Sunday since 2004 as the likeable loser Dittsche.

Always there: snack bar owner Ingo (“my Ingo man”), played by Jon Flemming Olsen as the grounding element, and turtle (“Shut up – I’m off work!”), whose role after his death was played by his son Jens Lindschau, alias "Toadsohn Jens" has taken over - plus wonderfully crude counter philosophies about current world events, the pitfalls of everyday life and of course always the small, wonderfully abstruse stories with the neighbors Kargers.

In addition, Olli Dittrich as Dittsche masterfully understands how to create images in the minds of his audience with constantly new "world ideas" and solutions for small and large problems and has established himself with this character as one of the most astute comedians and social observers in the country.

With great attention to detail, he takes aim at the daily challenges of everyday life in order to get his audience out of exactly this for one evening.

(Program in German)

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