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From April 2023 - The Year of the Dinos at Tierpark Berlin

This year, the giants of prehistory are making their big comeback in Berlin. The Tierpark Berlin will present the DINOWORLD exhibition from April 2023. Figures of life-size dinosaurs that move and make sounds will move into the Tierpark Berlin.

A journey through time to the prehistoric giants

In addition to the lifelike figures, an exhibition provides information about the dinosaurs' way of life and reveals amazing parallels to today's animal world.

The prehistoric giants can be seen everywhere in Tierpark Berlin and provide a unique experience in addition to the living animals. The dinosaur figures, which weigh tons, are visually modeled on their living "ancestors" down to the last detail. They make typical movements and emit acoustic sounds.

The visitors of the Tierpark Berlin will be able to meet the dinosaurs in direct neighborhood to giraffe, polar bear and tiger.

"Dinosaurs are considered the best-known symbol of extinct animal species - the fascination with T-Rex and his conspecifics remains unbroken to this day," announces Zoo and Tierpark Director Dr. Andreas Knieriem. "And the topic of species extinction is hockaktuell - more than 37,000 species are currently considered to be in immediate danger of extinction worldwide. Even today's giants, such as the African elephant or the black rhino, could - if we don't intervene - be wiped out," adds Knieriem.

An exciting journey through time to the dinosaurs, which will inspire young and old even more for the fascination of the animal world.

Prehistoric stars such as Triceratops, Brachiosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex are of course also part of the party.

The dinosaur exhibition was conceived together with the American paleontologist Don Lessem. Known internationally as "Dino Don," the explorer and author has already been engaged as a scientific consultant for Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park."

The dinosaur exhibit is expected to be on display for guests at Tierpark Berlin through October 2023. The visit to Triceratops and Co. is included in the regular admission price.

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