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"So you think that a dictatorship would no longer be possible in Germany?" - "By no means, we are much too enlightened! «A history teacher works on fascism. The pupils do not understand why the German majority watched the crimes of the National Socialists in silence and idly.

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He starts a simple experiment by uniting the class with exercises in discipline and hierarchical behavior towards greater solidarity, in which group instils sense of community through symbols and slogans. The seductiveness of fascist ideas wins only playfully, then more and more radically the upper hand. The experiment slips away.

Today the world is enlightened and safe. Or? Populism, xenophobia, autocracies, Trump, Putin, and movements such as the Identity or the Front National are fueling a long-suffering fear across the whole of Europe under the guise of great dangers, presented in new words with familiar codes.

Californian high school teacher Ron Jones' real experiment "The third wave", which was a school read for decades in 1994 as Morton Rhue's worldwide successful novel "The Wave", raises old questions in the current political context: what is there for a group, to feel superior to another? Who is in it and who is outside? Who questions?

Who is fighting for what and who is watching? After all, does it only need a corresponding number of silent spectators to endanger democracy? What role does the internet play? And: Which side are you on?

(Program in German)

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Thilo Brandt (Musiker)
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