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He has been on the German-speaking stages for almost 30 years, first in the award-winning duo FaberhaftGuth, later with his genre-busting shows in his successful best-selling crime comedy series about the chief inspector Henning Bröhmann. The six volumes were all published by Rowohlt-Verlag and immediately became a bestseller.

Dietrich Faber has been on tour with a new stage show since spring 2023. And positively! Full of strength, full of energy and hopefully always healthy.

Faber reinvents himself with and in this show and yet remains fundamentally true to himself. He once again lets countless characters storm the stage and turns it into a virtuoso stage performance that promises the best, intelligent, thrilling entertainment.

He reflects on the issues of our time and at the same time looks for ways to counteract the ever-increasing number of constant complainers and complainers about everything.

Faber tells, plays and sings, always full of presence and doesn't shy away from nonsense and slapstick interludes just as much as he does from quiet and profound moments. In a matter of seconds, he jumps into a wide variety of roles with ease and full physical effort and breathes life into them.

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