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Hello Again! Far Too Long Was The Time

He wears the most famous blow-dry in the German music business, prances on his platform shoes more elegantly than Jorge Gonzalez and vehemently defies the trend of body shaving. Dieter Thomas Kuhn is back!

KEY VISUAL Dieter Thomas Kuhn: HELLO AGAIN © Dominic Pencz

Dieter Thomas Kuhn is a cult figure and, with his great interpretations of the best-known and most popular German hits, is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful representatives of the hit revival of the 1990s. The concerts of Dieter Thomas Kuhn, who comes from Tübingen, are colorful happenings that bring people together to celebrate exuberantly. His large fan base turns every performance into a sunflower sea of love!

Of course, brightly colored suits in the style of the wild 70s are not to be missed, plus even more glamour, glitter, explosions and all the highlights from Kuhn's huge repertoire! The secret of the unbelievable success is the very special atmosphere that is created when Dieter Thomas Kuhn, bursting with joie de vivre, is on stage with his fantastic band and, true to the motto "more is more", belts out one cult song classic after another.

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