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Students of the UdK in the Liebermann Villa at Wannsee

The idea of renewal in art, as well as the associated support of young artists, was of central importance to Max Liebermann (1847-1935).

He invited young talents to his home to work in his studio; wrote recommendations to critics and museum directors; provided assessments of works; and took care of national and international exhibition participations of his young colleagues.

The opinion of the next generation was also of paramount importance to him, as he wrote to the director of the Hamburg Kunsthalle, Alfred Lichtwark, in 1905: "[...] They could tell me nothing more pleasant than that my younger colleagues like my portraits. Whoever has the youth for himself has the future for himself, and that alone is important.

In keeping with Liebermann's spirit, we invite art students from the Berlin University of the Arts to join us in the Liebermann Villa in the summer of 2023.

Inspired by the place, its history and the Liebermann family, students of Prof. Dr. Christine Streuli's class will enter into dialogue with the villa and present their artworks at our place between July and September. The exhibition takes place in collaboration with the Berlin University of the Arts.

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