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Reading with concentrated acting

Devid Striesow, Meret Becker, Claudia Michelsen, Ronald Zehrfeld, Matthias Koeberlin and Thomas Loibl stage a highly topical play about prenatal diagnostics.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Die Unmöglichen
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A German couple travels to England to conceive a child in a private clinic using in vitro fertilization. Three embryos are created, but only one will be implanted. At this moment, a speculative preview of the main events between birth and death begins.

In a parallel montage, the three possible lives of the embryos - Amelie, Max and Fabian - are narrated: What makes life happy? Is DNA really the blueprint that determines everything? Which of the three lives is the most worth living? Three possibilities can be heard, and the parents will choose one. Left behind: the impossible.

The well-known actors Jan Josef Liefers, Matthias Koeberlin, Meret Becker, Claudia Michelsen, Ronald Zehrfeld and Thomas Loibl brought Plamper/ Kamphausen's text, which was conceived as a radio play, to the stage in Hanover in 2018. In the idea and adaptation of the producer of the staged reading Simone Henke, this was intended as a one-time reading. The unexpected, overwhelming success commits the ensemble in the meantime to guest performances throughout the entire German-speaking area.

Claudia Michelsen and Thomas Loibl played the married couple who are unable to have children and therefore embark on a journey to implant the genetically "most valuable" material with the mother's medical help.

The three embryos that are created in the test tube are embodied by Meret Becker, Matthias Koeberlin and Ronald Zehrfeld. Impressively, the actors bring these characters to life and let them fictitiously grow up.

(Program in German)

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Devid Striesow
Meret Becker
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