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Literatur LIVE

A powerful story about brave children and environmental protection with classically inspired music from the successful string quartet “Die Nixen”

As the little mermaid and her friend, the big whale, swim through the ocean, they notice something strange. As they get closer, they see that it is a large patch of rubbish floating in the water. The little mermaid is outraged. It can't be right that people treat their beloved ocean like this! Mermaid and whale decide to exchange ideas with people. On their way around the world they meet the Oceankids: children who all do a small part to protect their beloved sea.

The accompanying audio book is read by Katharina Thalbach.

DIE NIXEN - these are Rahel Rilling (violin), Katharina Wildhagen (violin), Kristina Menzel-Labitzke (viola) and Nikola Spingler (cello): four musicians who have been diving through the musical oceans with their listeners since 2006 and with violins , viola, cello and their voices create their own sound. Whether in their musical ocean OCEANKIDS or their EMOCEANS program, great melodies, virtuoso tones and pop grooves can be heard.

(Program in German)