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Originaltitel: La coquille et le clergyman

"La coquille et le clergyman" (The Shell and the Cleric) is considered one of the first surreal films: a clergyman torn between desire and reality, between the unsatisfied desire for a woman and a man who wants to stop this love.

Using all the means a film can offer, with double exposures, dissolves, distortions, extreme sharpness-blur contrasts, Germaine Dulac tells the story of a confusion of emotions. There was a scandal at the premiere because the screenwriter Antonin Artaud was decidedly dissatisfied. Later he once wrote about the "premature aging of the cinema" and said that the true poetry of the film medium lies not in the feature film with the fixed ideas of a screenwriter, but in the documentary film, when the filmmaker never knows what will happen next in front of the camera.

Directed by Germaine Dulac, F 1928, 38 min, b/w, silent/no text, music

In a double program with “The Secrets of the Château of the Gods”

Entry and participation free of charge
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Meeting point: Sahuré-Saal

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