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Also this year, the Heckmann-Höfe will be transformed into an open-air stage with a very special charm. If it rains, there will be performances in the theatre.

It's done! After her first therapy (in the play men's sale) Gisela found her husband at Möbenbach's: Rene von Bock. Unfortunately, their happiness is short-lived, because a man of this stature wants to be held, otherwise the long-legged, brunette secretary snaps.

Ms. Möbenbach, who is happily widowed, is now called Ms. Kannich and initiates Gisela into the cunning tactic of the "male holding scam", which is amazing, provocative but absolutely effective.

(Program in German)

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Additional information
Participating artists
Johannes Galli (Autor/in)
Marion Martinez (Frau Dr. Senfstößl)
Sina Haarmann (Gisela von Bock)