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Armelle and Emmanuel Patron

The SMALL THEATER on the Südwestkorso is a Berlin premiere stage. Some of these are premieres produced specifically for the theater. With its 99 seats and a small bar in the rear auditorium, the Small Theater creates an intimate atmosphere. This enables spectators at every seat to take part directly in what is happening on stage.

THE SMALL THEATER is located in the Friedenau district of Berlin, in a historic corner house on the Südwestkorso, not far from the artists' colony on the upper Südwestkorso, which was immortalized by, among others, Christopher Isherwood in his novel "Goodbye to Berlin".
Participating artists
Karin Bares (Regie)
Armelle und Emmanuel Patron (Autor/in)
Gudrun Gabriel
Martin Gelzer
Alexander Gier
Florian Kroop
Lara Haucke