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In the last issue of BONUSMATERIAL before the summer break, one thing became clear: children are like adults and adults are like children. So it makes no difference. And now they're back with the last hundredweight of dynamite under their arms.

At BONUSMATERIAL, stress and arguments are traditionally boiled down, fermented and preserved over the hot summer months. So be careful when you open the can: it hisses and steams. On September 15, 2023 we will present the last fossil fuel in the sacred halls of the Volksbühne.

On this evening they give you the last rites and do not look ahead, but look back together on a long history of mankind. The past is rich in interpretation possibilities, while the future remains closed to us forever. We can never really know what's coming.

So let yourself be surprised what's in store for this first issue of BONUSMATERIAL after the summer.

And until then, they'll do their homework and reinterpret their legacy.
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