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"The third half of a life" - book presentation with Anna Herzig

"Die dritte Hälfte eines Lebens" (Otto Müller Verlag, 2022) is a multi-layered novel about being human and being different. In impressive scenes, Anna Herzig traces the power relations and driving forces of a village society. The fictional community of Krimmwing in the small village is the setting for the action and at the same time an example of the bigger picture. The author's sharp observations are free of judgment, standing and working on their own. Many sentences are sober and unadorned, but their clarity makes them all the more effective. "The Third Half of a Life" is a plea to rethink social norms.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: »Die dritte Hälfte eines Lebens« – Buchpräsentation mit Anna Herzig
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On the evening, Anna Herzig will read from "The Third Half of a Life" and talk with Frahlingen and organizer Johan de Blank about her new novel and committed literature. The reading and conversation will be musically accompanied by singer-songwriter Wolfgang Herzig on guitar.

Anna Herzig (*1987) focuses in her writing on people, flaws and abysses, special moments and encounters that burn in. The writer, screenwriter and artist researches and writes close to life, receiving various awards and grants for her work. Most recently, she was the city writer in Dortmund 2021. "The Third Half of a Life" is her third book.

Wolfgang Herzig (*1979) was born in Salzburg. His work focuses on the literary and musical reappraisal of socially explosive topics as well as the innermost part of humanity, the dissonance between tender and rocking tunes. He is currently planning the "42" tour 2023 for the Austropop album of the same name.

With the kind support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin.

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