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A play in ten scenes

Wolfgang Schnur was a lawyer for opposition figures in the GDR, a Christian - and a Stasi spy for 25 years. The head of the Ministry for State Security, Erich Mielke, awarded him several awards for his work as an IM. In 1990 he almost became the first freely elected Prime Minister of the GDR and had an important supporter in the then Chancellor, Helmut Kohl.

In "The Hearing", his only and last detailed conversation with the journalist Alexander Kobylinski, he talks to him about his motives. It is a kind of confession of life, similar to Samuel Beckett's Last Volume. But here two German states and two different social systems collide. It is a unique piece of contemporary history that makes it clear how a dictatorship works and what it does to the people.

  • Concept and direction: Jürgen Haase
  • Read and played by Martin Schneider and Max Urlacher
In cooperation with the Federal Foundation for Coming to terms with the SED Dictatorship
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