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Following the announcement of their highly anticipated new album The Feminine Divine, Dexys announce new Germany dates for 2023. Here, Dexys will perform the new album in full, followed by a selection of classics and hits (including many by Too Rye Ay).

The Feminine Divine is Dexys' fifth album, again produced by Pete Schwier, along with acclaimed session musician and producer Toby Chapman. After taking some time off to refocus his energy, Kevin Rowland has returned to music with a fresh perspective and a newfound positivity. A personal - if not strictly autobiographical - record, portraying a man whose views have evolved over time. Not just in relation to women, but to the whole concept of masculinity he was raised with: an upbringing and unlearning that is drawn across the arc of The Feminine Divine to dizzying effect.

The first half of the album is filled with music-hall-esque swagger, much of it written with Dexys' (a non-touring band member) trombonist, Big Jim Paterson. The second half is nothing the Dexys have done before: a cheeky, synth-heavy cabaret written in collaboration with Sean Read and Mike Timothy. It's steamy, bubbly and muggy, sometimes fateful and heavy and sometimes raunchy and funky. Quite an intoxicating mix.

With over a billion global streams, three UK top 10 albums, two number 1 singles, a Brit Award and a multi-platinum album with their sophomore release Too Rye Ay (as Dexys Midnight Runners), Dexys are just as important and exciting today as ever. “The Feminine Divine” marks a new chapter in a book in the band's history that just keeps getting better and better.

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