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Performance by July Weber

Seductive dances at the witching hour: With "The Devil's Hour" choreographer and dancer July Weber creates a dance piece for four dancers to the music "Ray Ray of Light" by composer Laure M. Hiendl. Inspired by courtship dances from the animal kingdom and medieval couple and round dances, July Weber unfolds a choreography of seductive dances for a non-human audience such as ghosts and demons - performed at the historically charged midnight hour, when supernatural powers are said to be particularly potent.

The attraction and power of the unknown becomes the engine of movement, creating dances that range from precisely choreographed to airy somatic - all seeking to seduce an unknown, ephemeral body like that of a ghost. Referring to the archetype of the court jester, who in the Middle Ages had the right of unpunished criticism and parody, the play questions the need for staged self-portrayal, entertainment and decoration.

In minimal scenery, air currents generated by wind machines make the fleeting tangible and become sculptural material that shapes the movement in an intangible yet extremely powerful way.

The performance takes place in the night from Saturday to Sunday, outdoors, under a roof, on the deck of the Radialsystem.
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Supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Community and Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V.

Media Partners: Exberliner, Rausgegangen, taz. die tageszeitung, tip Berlin
Participating artists
July Weber (Choreografie, Bühne und Kostüm)
Annalise Van Even, Shar Adams, Rocío Marano, Katrina Bastian (Tanz)
Laure M. Hiendl (Musik)
Juan Gabriel Harcha (Produktion)
Don Aretino, Muyao Zhang (Kostüm)