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Devil's Exorcist is theater as the audience has never experienced it before. The horror takes place not only on the stage. The audience of the unique, interactive theater show takes part in the secret ritual of exorcism live in the hall and experiences in their own bodies what they usually see only in horror movies. Every evening is different when the exorcist summons the demons - and the audience can actively influence the plot through their decisions.

Horror with demons
The chainsaw can be left stuck, because only faith helps against the diabolical powers of the demons. The battle for the souls of the possessed is neither a maze nor a ghost train ride but unique occult horror theater.

Award-winning special effects
Hellishly good thrills: the demonic spectacle convinces with breathtaking special effects, as otherwise only in the cinema and brings the horror live to life.

But beware, not for the faint of heart! Spectators under 18 years of age are not allowed to enter.

Interactive theater is a new show format worldwide. The audience sits in the middle of the action. The action takes place on the stage and in the auditorium. The audience actively shapes the course of the action by voting and making decisions. In addition, individual audience members are selected and take on important roles for the outcome of the story.

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Additional information
In interactive theater, the audience sits in the middle of the action - the story happens around the guests. The audience actively shapes the course of the plot by making decisions. With a little "luck", someone from the audience can play a decisive role in the fate of the entire audience.

Admission from 18 years!

Verti Music Hall