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How women defend themselves against ageism: Désirée Nick, the Joan of Arc of the Golden Girls, shows how it's done. While "old wise men" are still allowed to add their two cents to everything, society consistently excludes women from a certain age. Then they should shut up, become as invisible as possible and accept every old man's joke, no matter how bad. That has to end!

As usual, satirist and best-selling author Désirée Nick combines wit and wisdom into the best entertainment in a snappy, blunt and accurate manner. Whether sex, motherhood, feminism, social media or work: As personal as it is brilliant, she shows where age discrimination lurks in everyday life for women and how we can defend ourselves against it.

A manifesto for everyone over 40 who plans to make the next 60 years the best of their lives! As celebrated as feared: The satirist, bestselling author, actress and entertainer La Nick is considered "the finest and meanest thing that German theaters have to offer" (F.A.Z.).

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