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Songs by Ullmann, Schumann, Reimann & Schubert

The young Brazilian singer Melissa Domingues could be heard in Friedrichshagen most recently in the Christmas Oratorio, but also already with songs from Europe and Brazil. Her concerts are always magnets for the enthusiastic audience. She is accompanied by the phenomenal Ukrainian pianist Alina Pronina, who can be heard internationally in a wide variety of chamber music projects.

Symbolbild Grafik Musikflügel
Symbolbild Grafik Musikflügel © visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

Performed works: songs by Ullmann, Schumann, Reimann & Schubert.

The selected songs often revolve around the same subject - ecstatic passion and the sublimity of the stars above all earthly things. Aribert Reimann also takes up the theme in his three French sonnets. Viktor Ullmann, on the other hand, emphasizes the spiritual dimension of life in his selected songs.

"Des Fräuleins Liebeslauschen" is the title of a song by Franz Schubert. One suspects what it might be about: "Und oben zog der Ritter Ein Kränzchen aus der Brust, Das gebunden er fest an's Gitter Und sufzt: "Blüh' in Lust...". Other songs like "Die junge Nonne", "Die Sterne" or Robert Schumann's "Lust der Sturmnacht" suggest a program where heaven and earth meet. Where between the stars, spiritual purity and earthly lust, a song evening with a special theme is created. In addition to Schumann's and Schubert's songs, which are considered a high point of the Romantic Lied genre, less frequently heard songs by Viktor Ullman and Aribert Reimann will also be heard.

Tickets at 17 € are available in the church office, in the bookstore "Vielseitig" (Bölschestr. 20) and at the box office.