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The solo répétiteur and Wagner expert Elias Corrinth is very pleased to offer a musical introduction to the »Ring of the Nibelung«. Where are the musical and textual germ cells of the cycle? Why are the lyrical flashbacks and repetitions in the ring even indispensable from a musical point of view? Why is the quarrel of the queens in front of the minster missing in »Götterdämmerung«? How does the music of »Siegfried« sound before and after the Tristan break? What is the musical connection between Brünnhilde and Fafner? What is the only leitmotif that does not appear in »Götterdämmerung«?

Which is the shortest and which is the longest leitmotif? And how does Wagner's use of the motifs develop over the course of the Ring? Where are the most challenging passages in the cycle for conductors, singers and instrumentalists? Which scenes were easy for Wagner to compose and which were difficult? How did the understanding of tempo and meter change after »Rheingold«? What exactly is a tempo concept? Which act in the ring is the most difficult emotionally and which is the most difficult musically? All this and much more will be presented and explained by Elias Corrinth on the piano in a witty and virtuoso manner. Basic knowledge of the »Ring« storyline and music is required - but even beginners will leave this soiree enriched.
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