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Deadly Christmas: Every year the Christian world celebrates a birth. Yikes spider, means DEATH. But because there is an end to every beginning, every year he invites friends and sympathisers to a special Christmas version of his award-winning comedy programme. ©

After all, he is on a great image campaign and even a death should not completely close itself off from the celebration of love. And so scythe biscuits are tasted, felled fir trees and roasted geese sung of and gingerbread outed as discriminating. Besides the Grim Reaper, his pink trainee Exitussi, Mautzi, the right hand of death and the live band "Luzy+die Höllenhunde" are also present. In a black habit and similarly coloured humour, the winner of the Wühlmäuse cabaret festival 2013 and author of the book "Mein Leben als Tod" (Fischer-Verlag) addresses his viewers, reports on the winter sales in the hereafter, tells Charles Dickenen's Christmas story in a completely new way and sings eerily beautiful Christmas classics that take on a whole new meaning from his mouth. Like Last Christmas, for example. Because the dark season can't leave someone like HE to live even at Christmas.

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