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DER TATORTREINIGER - Three episodes from the popular TV crime series by Mizzi Meyer

SYMBOLBILD Sesselreihe
SYMBOLBILD Sesselreihe © AHOJ!

Quite Normal Jobs

"Quite Normal Jobs" Schotty is cleaning the bloodstained bathroom of an apartment when the doorbell rings. It's not the murderer returning to the scene of the crime, but a prostitute who wants to visit her client. When she learns that he has been murdered, she wants to flee the apartment.

Schotty manages to persuade her to stay. It almost looks like they are even going to have sex with each other, as they both think they are hardened because of their jobs. In the end, they don't bare their bodies, but their souls....

Above the clouds

A woman was beaten to death by her husband with an axe. A lot of work for crime scene cleaner Schotty, who is currently struggling with his nicotine withdrawal. But that's not enough adversity: the murderer comes back. He meets a very bad-tempered Schotty....

Not over my sofa

Schotty is called to the mansion of a rich widow. Here a burglar has died when he fell down a flight of stairs while trying to escape. At least that's what the old lady claims. But as Schotty goes about his work, he finds evidence that the woman killed the burglar in cold blood with a golf club. When Schotty announces to call the police, the old lady tries to buy his silence with a Maserati. Schotty's dream car...

(Program in German)

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