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psychological thriller by Sebastian Fitzek

Three women - all young, beautiful and fun-loving - disappear without a trace. Only one week in the clutches of the psychopath, whom the press calls the "soul breaker", is enough: When the women are picked up again, they are neglected, mentally broken - as if buried alive in their own bodies.

Shortly before Christmas the Soulbreaker becomes active again, especially in a psychiatric clinic in Berlin-Wannsee. Doctors and patients are shocked to find out that the perpetrator was admitted unrecognized just before the clinic was completely cut off from the outside world by a blizzard. The trapped ones desperately try to protect each other - but in the night of horror that follows, the soul breaker shows that there is no escape....

  • Director: Wolfgang Rumpf
  • Facilities: Manfred Bitterlich
(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Wolfgang Rumpf (Regie)
Sebastian Fitzek (Autor/in)
Manfred Bitterlich (Ausstatter/-in)
Kristin Schulze (Schauspieler/-in)
André Zimmermann (Schauspieler/-in)
Katrin Martin (Schauspieler/-in)
Jenny Löffler (Schauspieler/-in)
Silvio Hildebrandt
Thomas Linke
Pablo Nina Toculescu