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Drehbühne Berlin

Spanish expressionist Antonio Saura chose the modern adaptation of "The New Pinocchio" by Christine Nöstlinger for his surreal, colorful Pinocchio illustrations, which serve Drehbühne Berlin as inspiration for the masks, puppets, costumes and stage design of their new production. Young and old alike will not only get to know the likeable, clumsy hero of the well-known children's classic, but will also have an entertaining encounter with modern art.

Szene aus Der neue Pinocchio
Szene aus Der neue Pinocchio © Drehbühne Berlin

When the painter Antonio wants to paint a picture, he experiences a surprise: his work of art suddenly starts to come alive. The life-hungry Pinocchio has little desire to go to school and instead embarks, together with the audience, on a fantastic journey of adventure, on which he meets - in addition to his father Gepetto - the devious crook duo Fox and Cat, a wise cricket, a magical turquoise fairy, and many others.

Christine Nöstlinger's interpretation of the story is much closer to children's lives and experiences today than the classic original. The adaptation is a humanistic story of courage that takes the concerns of children just as seriously as those of adults.

In the 18 years since its founding, Drehbühne Berlin has made a name for itself in Berlin's theater scene with various successful family plays, including its Christmas classic "The Little Prince" (Admiralspalast, Pfefferberg Theater), its theater safari "The Jungle Book" (Botanical Garden Berlin), and many more.

  • Pinocchio: Nanda Ben Chaabane
  • Antonio: Lorenz Chr. Köhler
  • Compositions & live music: Falk Schönfelder
(Program in German)

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