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After Michael Frayn

"Everyone does as well as he can." Presumably there is this magical moment in which theater is touching. However, this staging is not about him. Instead, it's about the barriers that pile up on their way to a somehow aesthetically organized premiere.

Rambazamba, Der nackte Wahnsinn
Rambazamba, Der nackte Wahnsinn © Andi Weiland

And no, that's just not just the jammed plywood doors, the awkward actors and not the annoying emergency lighting or the lack of financial means meant - although, that already! No, it is about the crisis of the world, and in theater it is never the exception, but always and basically the normal state. Michael Frayn's ingenious comedy from 1982 is about how a theater group tastes a tabloid and sabotages and destroys each other.

In this production, no actor is happy when a colleague succeeds. The play interprets theatrical art in the first act as a world creation, only to destroy that world in the final act. Where could this piece be better staged than in the RambaZamba Theater?

Anyone who has ever wanted to know what goes wrong behind the stage, while the performance is going on in front, is exactly right in this production.

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Beatrix Brandler (Kostüm+ Maske)
Jacob Höhne (Regie+Bühne)
Steffen Sünkel (Dramaturgie)
Christian Behrend
Lioba Breitsprecher
Moritz Höhne
Hans-Harald Janke
Franziska Kleinert
Jennifer Lau
Joachim Neumann
Hieu Pham
Rita Seredßus
Rebecca Sickmüller
Aaron Smith
Sebastian Urbanski
Nele Winkler
Michael Wittsack
Matthias Mosbach
Leo Solter
Theater RambaZamba
Theater RambaZamba