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Fairy tale theater from 4 years

The shrewd Muck enters the service of a sorceress and finds her magic slippers with which he can move from place to place in a flash. A mysterious walking stick, which also falls into Muck's hands, brings great wealth to its owner. On his long journey, little Muck reaches the kingdom of the powerful sultan, with whose daughter he falls in love. But the deceitful sultan puts Muck to the test.

Der kleine Muck - Märchentheater ab 4 Jahren
Der kleine Muck - Märchentheater ab 4 Jahren © Marion Martinez

Whether little Muck manages to win over the princess and how the fruits of a fig tree help him to do so, you will find out in this latest fairy tale play by Johannes Galli, which is entertaining for the whole family.

(Program in German)

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Galli Theater Berlin
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