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It's night. Little Häwelmann can't sleep. Then he has the wonderful idea of driving his cot around the room. He builds a sail and blows into it.

"More, more," calls little Häwelmann and off you go, head over heels along the walls and on the moonbeam through the keyhole, out into the wide world and even into the sky.

A fantastic journey begins, during which little Häwelmann, accompanied by the moon, meets a righteous rooster, a smug cat, a hungry owl, a tiny mouse and dancing stars.

(Program in German)
Additional information
Figurentheater Ute Kahmann
Participating artists
Iana Boitcova (Lichtdesign)
Maja Großmann (Ausstattung)
Ute Kahmann (Figurenspiel)
Kerstin Schmidt (Ausstattung)
Anne Swoboda (Regie)