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Preis für absurdes Gendermarketing

Boys are adventurers, girls are princesses. Women like it low-calorie, for men nothing goes without meat. The role models of gender marketing are far removed from reality in their clichéd nature. Nevertheless, we encounter them constantly and everywhere in order to sell a world in which not only colors, but also interests, behaviors and characteristics are strictly separated according to gender.

To expose the restrictive pigeonholing behind such marketing strategies, the non-profit association klische*esc e.V. has launched the Golden Fencepost: an annual negative award for the most absurd excesses of gender marketing. The "Wink mit dem goldenen Zaunpfahl" is intended to remind the advertising industry of its social responsibility and encourage it to come up with more intelligent, innovative ideas.

The award will be presented for the sixth time on November 21. The DISTEL is delighted to be the venue for this year's award ceremony with its colorful, diverse program.

Get involved!

Throughout the year, normative examples from the pink-blue trap can be submitted (or simply marveled at) at

From all submissions, a prominent, expert jury will select the most absurd examples and appoint "the inglorious seven" a few weeks before the event. From these on 21 November the first place is determined, on that the golden fence post can be solemnly presented. Further information to the initiative under

The DISTEL will donate the profits of the evening to klische*esc e.V. If you would like to support the work of the association, you can choose the support ticket for 20 EUR instead of the regular ticket for 10 EUR when booking online in the webshop.

This show is only played in German.

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