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Carnival of Facts – The awards ceremony

Come in! Come in! You are welcome, dear audience, ladies and gentlemen, dear hat stands (m/f/d/rept), chemtrail squadrons, employees of the lying press and the NWO,

On October 29, 2023, the gates in the home port of Neukölln will open again and invite you into the wondrous world of facts and curiosities, the incomprehensible and extraordinary.

Get ready for an evening full of knowledge and madness and be there live when the negative prize for the conspiracy stories of the year - the Golden Aluminum Hat - is awarded for the 9th time in Berlin!

Conspiracy stories have been around for a long time. They come from the dark corners of the internet, from the fringes of the community, and threaten the foundations of democracy. They distort reality and endanger society. And not just since the pandemic.

The aim of awarding the Golden Aluminum Hat is not only to “honor” the most absurd stories and most dangerous misinformation in a freak show of nonsense, but above all to raise awareness of the dangers of disinformation and the importance of critical thinking.

The Golden Aluminum Hat & Facts Heroes Award 2023

Those who oppose the belief in conspiracy will also be honored this evening. Those who stand up for facts, society and science and thus contribute to enlightenment. Your work is invaluable, and so the organizers would like to simply say thank you with the 2nd Facts Heroes Award. Thank you for making facts great again!

The categories

Society and politics, media & blogs, pseudoscience & esotericism for the Golden Aluminum Hat, and science for the Facts Heroes Award

Who our aluminum hats and facts heroes will be this year is once again entirely in your hands.

The nomination

From September 17th until 26.9. you can send suggestions for the votes to

Public figures, companies, parties, politicians, social media channels, online shops, alliances, advice centers and much more can be nominated for the Golden Aluminum Hat and the Facts Heroes Award.

We reserve the right not to include people in the voting if their belief in conspiracy is a clearly recognizable expression of a mental illness. Excluded from the nomination are private social media channels without a claim to reach, private individuals from the family or professional environment, and the winners from 2022.

Excluded from nomination are:

Golden aluminum hat: Sarah Wagenknecht, Servus TV, AstroToni

Facts Heroes Award: Chan-jo Jun, rabble-rouser, Dr. Janos Hegedüs

The voting

From October 1st until 10.10. you can then vote via the website as to who the winners will be in their respective categories.

The award

The presentation of the Golden Aluminum Hat and Facts Heroes Award will take place on October 29th from 7:00 p.m. in the home port of Neukölln. This year the Facts Heroes will once again be invited to accept their awards on stage and present their work.

Giulia Silberberger, founder and managing director of the Golden Aluhut, and her guests will guide you through a colorful evening full of madness and facts.

Further information

  • Parking spaces for Reich flying discs are available.
  • Wearing aluminum hats is encouraged.
  • The venue is barrier-free.
  • The bar is open.
  • Dressing up would be great!

All proceeds from the event, award and merchandise sales go to the non-profit organization “Der goldene Aluhut gUG (limited liability)”. This will, among other things, finance the free publication of brochures, which will again be available for you to take with you on site. Donations can be accepted and donation receipts can be issued.
Additional information
Eine Veranstaltung der Saalbau Neukölln Kultur & Veranstaltungs GmbH in Kooperation mit Der Goldene Aluhut