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A guided tour to and over the grotto mountain

The Grottenberg was built for the summer residence of King Frederick William III of Prussia and Queen Luise towards the end of the 18th century. At that time, a colorful pavilion in Far Eastern style, visible from afar, crowned the hill. An apparently sunken ancient temple in memory of "dearly departed" and a grotto completed the picturesque ensemble.

Wiederhergestellter Grottenberg im Schlossgarten Paretz
Wiederhergestellter Grottenberg im Schlossgarten Paretz © SPSG

After 1945, the unused site fell into disrepair and the structural remains were leveled. However, in 2013, archaeological excavations surprisingly found many well-preserved parts of the grotto and temple ruins. This allowed the restoration of the grotto hill, from which today we can again enjoy the view of the village and the countryside.
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