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A barely audible whisper, a soft scratching, a disappearing echo shatter the deceptive silence of his building, his home, his state. A stomping, prodding, breaking, avenging....

TAK - Theater im Aufbau Haus - Berlin-Kreuzberg
TAK - Theater im Aufbau Haus - Berlin-Kreuzberg © AHOJ!

The animal-like man, who lives in his own hand-built home under the earth and wants to protect himself from any dangers that seem to threaten from the world outside the burrow, goes in search of diversity.

In a miraculous way, he is visited by a Rrom-like human who witnesses everything through the eyes of the animal-like human. Together they roam the underground labyrinth. Through narrow passages and squares, where they hunt, build, bathe themselves in the bodily fluids of the hunted small animals, sing, laugh, drink.

The lurking stranger, however, comes closer and closer, hiding behind its own neediness and hunger. Everything threatens to drift into the abyss and eat the homeowner. "If only I had someone I could trust.... Am I now being cheated or even shunted into futility? "
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tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg