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There is remarkable diversity when it comes to the world of work. Work can take different forms, be it in the form of paid or unpaid work, self-employment or dependent employment, and it can be both artistic and technical. Each of these forms has its own value and contributes to the benefit of society in many ways.

Artistic work in particular is often viewed as something special because of its ability to convey the beautiful, the aesthetic, but also the provocative and inspiring. It often evades traditional market logic. Nevertheless, art is also based on paid work, and the so-called creative industry is viewed as extremely valuable for the economy. Unfortunately, working conditions in this sector are often precarious, a problem that has been seeking solutions for some time.

The time has come to change your perspective. Given the profound changes in the world of work, new approaches are required. Hybrid employment models, switching between self-employment and dependent employment, as well as more flexible career paths are already common practice in the cultural sector. Therefore, everyone can learn from this industry! A better understanding of creative work also makes it possible to secure it appropriately and reward it fairly. The transformation of the world of work must urgently include the art, culture and creative sectors.

A discussion is therefore encouraged that deals with the assessment of artistic and creative work in society, the role of public cultural funding and the design of future work models and employment opportunities in the creative sector. The goal is to find ways for everyone to live a good life in a social democracy.

Conversation with Lisa Basten, Dr. Carsten Brosda and Fatima Çalışkan (moderator)
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