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Deine Lakaien are Alexander Veljanov and Ernst Horn. Since they met in 1985, they have consistently worked on their vision of electronic avant-garde music, refusing to be restricted stylistically. The tight darkwave corset of the early days is quickly stripped away.

Deine Lakaien
Deine Lakaien © Loft Concert GmbH

Fusions with classical music and the general desire to experiment determine the unique sound of the band. Deine Lakaien's own claim to concerts is not to repeat themselves, but to find untested settings in order to let the band's character shimmer in the most diverse shades again and again.

Whether as a band with guest musicians, as a duo with a prepared grand piano, minimalistically only with electronic sound generators, whether with orchestra and in audiophliem ambience:

Deine Lakaien are a surprising solitaire in the German music landscape.

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