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Florian Sump, Markus Pauli and Lukas Nimscheck have been DEINE FREUNDE for over ten years now. That puts the band exactly in the average age range of its fans. They go to elementary school and know the hits of the three Hamburgers by heart. "Schokolade", "Hausaufgaben", "Deine Mudder" and many other songs have rapped their way into the hearts of parents, grandparents and children all over the country and have become real companions through everyday family life. For their band anniversary, the band asks its young audience: Where does the one come from? Where does the zero come from? That's what Germany's coolest children's band is asking in a year full of twos: 2022 is their 10th birthday - and it needs to be celebrated.

Tempodrom von außen bei Tag
Tempodrom von außen bei Tag © visitberlin, Foto Wolfgang Scholvien

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