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Deaf Havana present their new album "The Present Is A Foreign Land" (July 2022) on their current tour. The title is well chosen, because what the fans and the band itself expect from the upcoming work is not yet finally clarified. Actually, it is a total new beginning for the band anyway. Because they were on the verge of breaking up. In addition, there will be a new album, of which no one really knows yet how it will sound. So far, only two tracks have been released: one is an electronically embellished retrospective romance, the other a much more noisy rock piece.

In November 2021, brothers James and Matthew Veck-Gilodi reported that the tour had been on the back burner for a year: "Early last year we were all ready to head our separate ways and call it quits. We'd had an incredible journey but like all the best journeys it felt like it was time for it to end." However, the pandemic reunited the two brothers and they started writing new songs, but without the other founding members Lee Wilson (bass) and Tom Ogden (drums), who left the band. Considering the stylistic transformations Deaf Havana has gone through since its inception over 15 years ago, it's hard to predict from the new songs what musical direction the siblings will take as a duo. From catchy and overly celebrated alt-rock chapel at the beginning to fat Smashing Pumpkins riffs and heavy hard rock to almost poppy melodies from the last studio album "Rituals", everything was there. The two new tracks, however, already combine the best of these phases, the pop with the riff, so to speak.

But fans can be sure that Deaf Havana will come up with something very special again for their live shows - like fantastic visuals - and that they will give everything on stage.

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