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„cities on the maps remind me of spiderwebs“


„cops in striped costumes on the night road remind me of wasps“

„bird’s singing reminds me of an elevator sound in my block house“

Dead end is a collage consisting of situations and soundscapes collected from the walks in cities. The performance is inspired by the phenomenon of micro-urbanism, a field that explores urban life not only from the anthropological point of view but also from the perspective of objects which creates our dailiness in different scales: from the cracks in the walls and small rubbish between the pavements to the highways from the bird’s eye view; from the rat squeak under a bridge to a train horn.

What are our natural surroundings? Which actions and movements do our surroundings and our ideas about our surroundings trigger? PYL’s members propose spontaneous answers in a playful way, reflecting their own experiences of growing up in different cities.

PYL is Prague based international art-group, which works in the field of object theatre, performance, sound and visual arts. The group members often deal with everyday materials and their performative qualities, by paying close attention to the object itself and speculating about its (possible) functions.
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Participating artists
Maria Komarova
Svetlana Silich
Veronika Svobodová
Anna Romanova
Theresa Schrezenmeir